Friday, January 27, 2012

a year full of dates: january

so january's date night included dinner at auntie chang's dumpling house and a night off gray st.

a slight change of plans.

garrett and i decided to have an impromptu dinner at a local mexican restaurant that has AMAZING margaritas the night before, so of course us being us, our 1 margarita each tunrned into about 5 each. oopsies.

needless to say, we were both loving the idea of chinese food, but not so much the night of bar hopping after. so moneyball it was, and 2 little pints of ice cream on the couch. perfect.

of course we had to get the dumplings. delish.

the food was perfection. we got the family dinner with general tso's and shrimp lo mein.
we are definitely going back.

garrett and is bluebell happy tracks. haha.
 i prefer ben and jerry's half baked. i'm a sucker for coookie dough and brownie batter :)

looking forward to february's date.

happy friday!

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