Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekend update: construction progress report



yay to a wrap around bar in the kitchen.

and yesterday's labor of love... widening the hallway opening and patching the wood floors :)

now these lovely sliding closet doors (ahem my temporary closet for now) will be going away.
hopefully soonish.

garrett's plan is to add a linen closet inside the bathroom (making the right closet door disappear) and my lovely idea for the other side is a coat closet hidden with a bookshelf.

(stole this amazing idea off of pinterest)

ta da.
oh how thankful i am for my handyman.

the pictures may be deceiving, but i feel like construction is really coming along.
i could not be more excited to see the finished product!

... and back to stripping floors for me.

love, linds

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