Thursday, January 19, 2012

change of a dress

it's official, i now live with a boy.

let's be real, i kind have been playing house with garrett for the last year, but my closet now lives here!!! (ahem, thats right my whole closet) no more living out of my trunk and a small make shift drawer. goodbye living like a traveling nomad!

so far so good.
 i've helped him out with construction of the kitchen... and he watched pretty woman with me.
i crockpotted a few good meals and bought him beer... he installed a plug in the bathroom for me.

it's nice to no longer be stying my hair in the dining room :)
(or driving 36 miles to my old bedroom across town because that's where my missing shoe is that i need for work in the morning)

not only did my address change, but i got my dress for my best friend's wedding!

i am in love with it. oh bcbg, you have done it again.
i figure i can just shorten it after the wedding and use it as a fancy black cocktail dress if need be.

thats all for today folks. must organize closet before the boy gets home. :)

xo, linds

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